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Serenity Solutions LLC specializes in creating stress free solutions for professtionals, individuals, businesses and its employees for everyday living!! Take our revolutionary stress test and improve your home and worksite wellness today!! Take advantage of one of our many stress management and relief seminars to help better your life both at home and at work. Increase your happiness by reducing your stress today!

Employers: Looking for a way to boost your employee's morale and improve workplace wellness? We have the perfect program for you to show your employees just how much you really appreciate them. Contact us today and let us assist your employees in managing workplace stress. We can customize a Stress Free workshop for you and your company to meet your specific needs. Serenity Solutions bases its stress free foundation on the serenity prayer offered by Reinhold Niebuhr.  Perception is everything.  So let's change what we can and let go of what cannot be changed.

We specialize in-

  • Providing a comfortable one on one consultation
  • Executive SPA Services
  • Stress Management Seminars
  • Debt management and financial literacy partnership
  • Guiding to the pursuit of wholeness

Upcoming Events
  • Monthly Conference Call for stress free living; join the mailing list for information.
  • Conference 12/9/18
  • Speaking 12/17/18
  • Corporate Sessions-Monthly
  • A Touch of Serenity  -  1st Thursdays

Healthy Nutritional Alternatives available.  Treat your body by freeing itself from the toxins that are experienced in everyday living.  Need Energy?  . Begin to get a jump start on your day with an energy booster with NO toxins and help relieve stress today!!

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