About Us
Serenity Solutions LLC was founded by,  A. Monique Holmes, CEO and  was birthed out of having a passion to create lasting solutions to help others live a stress free life style.  Having a mobile spa ignited the opportunity to enhance others lives as they experienced the relaxing and invigorating treatments, however,  there was always room for more.  Although we started off as a mobile spa it has now transformed into a stress management resource center.

We understood that stress has to be dealt  with in more than just the physical aspect but also in the mind and spirit.  Our market is mostly businesses, schools, and churches.  The objective is to market our Health and Wellness program where we have the opportunity to provide a relaxation experience for a group of employees while going over stress facts and recommendations for easy to recreate activities at home or at work.  With this opportunity to meet individuals in this setting, it allows us to offer a one-on-one consultation to analyze current situations to address and offer additional services. 

The partners that we have in place are ones that assist with the total mind, body, and spirit because that is truly the only way to attain true peace and serenity. We put an extreme amount of emphasis on the mind because that is where everything begins.  This is dealt with in seminars, presentations and programs such as the 21 day "ACE" program.      The massage therapists, physical trainers, & nutritionists, target the body aspect.  The spiritual aspect is achieved through yoga, meditations, and spiritual retreats to get intuned with spiritual peace.  A host of other specialists will be added as the need increases. 

Serenity Solutions has assembled a team of experts to help lead and guide our clients to the resources that will change your life forever!   If you are looking for individual consultations, group sessions, seminars, pampering sessions, or a customized program, we have the solution for you.

We will give you an action plan:
  • Acknowledge
  • Create better habits
  • Endure change, Evaluate progress and maintain change

Contact us today so that we can meet you right where you are and get you on the road to recovery!

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